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The Michael Jackson and Akon Duet

After the premature passing of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop left behind a massive legacy and shoes too big to fill. He also left behind enough unfinished songs to make an album. Completing this music was something his producers and collaborators set out to do. The first single, Hold My Hand featuring Akon, is a sweet meditation on companionship and togetherness.

The full album, Michael, will be available December 14th.

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Dr. Dre's New Single, "Kush", Featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon

After a decade of writing and recording, Dr. Dre’s final album, Detox, is almost done. A surprise single was released today and it features buds Snoop Dog and Akon rapping about a favorite west-coast topic, Kush.

If you like this, keep your eyes and ears open for tomorrow when we’ll have another Akon collaboration fit for a king.