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Rdio Recommends: A New Monthly Music Digest

Welcome to the first installment of Rdio Recommends, a new monthly music digest brought to you by Rdio on Rdio. Unearth hidden gems, auditory stand-outs, and the best of each month’s new musical treasures.

The first Monday of every month, we’ll review and create a playlist that reflects what we like and think you might like, composed entirely of new music from the previous month — the perfect compliment to our New Music Tuesday playlists. Rdio Recommends is a guaranteed free pass for you to discover all the cool new songs, albums and musicians before your best friends — unless of course, they are listening too.

This month features 27 of our favorite songs from October. Be surprised and delighted by what’s in store, so you can interject a good sultry soul song, catchy space-age techno experiment or just a dash of something catchy into your Heavy Rotation.

Give the first Rdio Recommends: October a listen and let us know: did you find some new favorite songs?

Recommended By Rdio

Now on Rdio: Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s first post-prison release is one of 2011's most-anticipated albums. His 2008 bestseller, Tha Carter III, walked away from the Grammy’s with Album of Year and left critics and fans wondering how he would follow it. Weezy just dropped his latest work, and now you can listen to this charismatic rapper spit out madcap metaphors among a star-studded cast that includes Drake, Andre 3000, and Busta Rhymes.

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Kid Rock on Rdio

Kid Rock

If you love his trademark mix of countrified rock ‘n roll mixed with beats and rap, today is a good day—you can now listen to Kid Rock’s catalog on Rdio. From his very first album, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, to his most recent, Born Free, head to Rdio and get your Kid Rock fix.

∞  August 24, 2011 — 11:15AM

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Listen to Kanye West and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne

Watch the Throne

What is exciting? That two of hip-hop's biggest names joined forces to collaborate on a new album. From Kanye West and Jay-Z, Watch the Throne is now available on Rdio.

∞  August 12, 2011 — 12:00PM

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Listen to Radiohead's In Rainbows on Rdio

In Rainbows

Radiohead fans endured a long wait for the band's highly-anticipated seventh studio album. The wait is over on Rdio—In Rainbows is now available for streaming.

And in case you missed the news, you can also listen to King of Limbs, their latest release.

∞  August 4, 2011 — 10:30AM

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Find The King of Limbs on Rdio

You watched the music video, hunted down the newspaper edition, and listened to the remixes—now add it to your Collection.

Radiohead’s newest album, The King of Limbs, is available on Rdio.

∞  July 12, 2011 — 12:00AM

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Hear Coldplay ’s New Single: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Chris Martin and the rest of the Coldplay crew have been busy since 2008’s Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. They toured the world, released a holiday single called Christmas Time, and started work on their yet-unnamed fifth studio album. Listen now to their first single, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.

∞  June 3, 2011 — 12:00AM

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Beyonc é and the Girls (Who Run The World)

Pop powerhouse Beyoncé’s fourth studio album release is nearly upon us. Until then, her first single, Girls (Who Run The World), is available on Rdio.

Does the beat sound familiar? It’s sampled from another Rdio fan-favorite, the Major Lazer song Pon De Floor.

Beyoncé yet-untitled album is out May 23rd.

∞  April 22, 2011 — 12:00AM

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Lady Gaga was Born This Way

Lady Gaga shares the first song off her second studio album, Born This Way.

MusicRecommended By Rdio

Listen to: This is Solo by Solo

“This Dutch duo with the difficult-to-Google name are somewhat reminiscent of Kings of Convenience, but with an edge and minus the harmonies. Still, it’s spacious, lovely minimalist music, with haunting melodies and deep lyrics.”

Rob Treynor