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Announcing the Rdio Artist Program

Rdio Artist Program

We’re committed to supporting the artist community and the music industry as a whole. That’s why today we’re launching the Rdio Artist Program — the first program of its kind, offering an innovative new model for artists to directly earn money from streaming music.

Scissor Sisters, Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg), Chromeo, A-Trak and Brendan Benson — already fans of Rdio — are among the first artists to join the program. Now through the Rdio Artist Program, any artist can share their music and the music they love with their followers and be rewarded for fan engagement.

The Rdio Artist Program is active in all countries where Rdio is available, and any artist with an existing artist page is eligible to join. To learn more, visit the Artist Program page.

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Now Accepting: PayPal on Rdio


Get all the music you want from Rdio without whipping out the plastic. Starting today Rdio accepts PayPal.

If you’ve been waiting for PayPal to subscribe, head to the Payment tab in your Settings and select it as your payment option. Connect your PayPal account to your Rdio profile online and enjoy Rdio Web or Rdio Unlimited without having to reach for your wallet again. Now you’ll never miss a beat.

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Now Available on Rdio: Protected Accounts

Protected Accounts

Rdio is all about discovering new music and sharing it with your social network. But it can also be about putting your guilty pleasures on repeat. That’s why today we’re rolling out the first tool of our new privacy features.

What does it mean to have a Protected Account? You have the power to peruse and approve new followers before they can get a glimpse of your collection, playlists, activity, and full profile. Unapproved users will simply see a lock icon next to the username and a Request to Follow button when they view a Protected Account.

Take a peek at your privacy controls by clicking the Advanced tab in your Settings. Your profile is public by default so that other users can join in on your new music finds, but hit Set Account to Protected to change this.

Now you can play all the Top 40s you want without prying eyes and ears.

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Introducing: Custom Playlist Artwork on Rdio


Personalize your playlist on Rdio with one of the most popular features from our last Hack Day: Custom Playlist Artwork.

Open one of your mixes and hover over the existing artwork at the top. Click on the pencil icon to upload your own image. Make sure the image is at least 72 dpi for the best results. For those with high resolution displays, upload a hi-res photo and prepare to see music in a whole new way.

Try out the new feature and enjoy designing your own playlist cover art.

∞  July 23, 2012 — 11:00AM

New Features

New on Rdio: Notifications


Today we're pleased to share the new Notifications feature on our web and desktop apps.

Simply click on the new bell icon in the upper right-hand corner to find out what notifications are waiting for you. The number next to the bell represents how many new notifications you have.

What will Notifications tell you?

  • You have a new follower
  • A song, album or playlist has been shared with you
  • Your playlist has been subscribed to, reviewed or updated
  • A Facebook or Twitter friend joined Rdio

Stay up to date with all your notifications in one place now on Rdio.

∞  July 19, 2012 — 5:08PM

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From Rdio Engineering: Rdio Hack Day #2

Rdio’s inaugural Hack Day in April was a great success, so we decided to continue the tradition. Rdio’s engineers took last Friday to work on any Rdio project they wanted. This gave engineers the freedom to create any feature they wanted to see in the product, jump into some unexplored code, or create web apps using the Rdio API. We saw cool results — read on for some highlights.

Drag and drop interaction on mobile
Jimmy O’Neil added drag and drop functionality to the iPhone Rdio app, so by long-pressing on a track, you can drag onto a collection or playlist.


Keyboard Controls and Multi-Select
Matt Montag went to work on improving the Rdio web experience in playlist and album views so that users can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the track lists and select multiple items. He also added a popularity indicator to each track so you can tell which items are getting the most plays.


Heavy Listeners
Sure, you can claim you’re the world’s biggest Radiohead fan, but where’s your proof? Drew Bazan added a section to each artist page that would list all the heaviest Rdio listeners of each artist.

Automated Front End Testing
Rob Ferguson worked with Sikuli Script (front end automation with screen shots) and Python to batch together front-end testing. Instead of writing long scripts to automate the full process, the new method allowed users to drop in tiny scripts directly from the Sikuli IDE and automatically batch them together.


Mix in Related Artists
One feature that didn’t make it into new Rdio was the control to mix in related artists when playing an artist radio station. Raul Agrait remedied this situation with his Hack Day project, adding in this control to the iPhone app.


Commit Music Tracker
Pat Tuckey and Jonathan Klobucar teamed up to create a tracker that shows the most recent code commits to the Rdio code repository, along with the Rdio music that the programmer was listening to when they made the commit. This may help prove once and for all that good code cannot be written while listening to anything but electronic music.

Custom Playlist Artwork
Justin Tulloss added an image upload feature to your playlists so that you can assign your own image to the playlist cover art.


New Releases Discovery and Collection Items with Low Play Counts
Devin Sevilla created two external tools using the Rdio API. The first one suggests new releases that are by artists you have in your collection, and the second shows you items you have in your collection that you’ve only played once, so you can rediscover some old favorites. You can try Devin’s hack for yourself here.


Album Shuffle
Eric Fikus added a feature to the player that lets you shuffle complete albums. For those of you who like to randomize everything except your albums.

iPhone Visualizer
If pretty pictures are your jam, Brett Duncavage created a visualizer on iPhone that analyzes your music and flips through a series of images along with the beat of the music.

Play Top Songs
Gautam Joshi added a play button to artist pages that will play a set of the artist’s most played tracks. Sometimes you want to know “what is best?” rather than “what is new?”

Integrated Build Tests
Matt Crocker created a practical hack: a triple integration between Jenkins (our test running system), Phabricator (our bug tracking and code review tool) and Skype (our internal chat tool). Now when engineers submit code in Phabricator, Jenkins runs the unit tests associated with the code and comments on reviews. Jenkins also congratulates or shames engineers in our group internal Skype chat, using emoticons and image macros for additional effect.

∞  July 6, 2012 — 10:00AM

New Features

Introducing: A Brighter, Lighter Rdio


Hot on the heels of New Rdio, we're very pleased to introduce another improvement to the Rdio apps on the web and desktop. The Rdio you’re familiar with remains but we've updated the look and feel of every single page. We've done away with the many boxes, lines, and gradients — Rdio is lighter, brighter, easier on the eye. It’s faster, too.

What do you think? Let us know what you like.

∞  June 28, 2012 — 4:32PM

New FeaturesTips & Tricks

Listen With Friends to Rdio on Facebook


It might not be a brand new feature, but it's a cool one. When you connect your Rdio account with Facebook, not only can your friends see what’s Now Playing but you can listen to songs together. If you see a music note next to a friend’s name in the Facebook chat sidebar, hover over it and click the Listen With button. Close out at any time or let your friend become your personal DJ.

You can still chat during the DJ session and when others join the listening party, they’ll be added to the chat as well. Next time you like what your friend is playing, join in the fun.

Don't miss out on the latest news and updates — Like us on Facebook where we share weekly exclusives, host awesome giveaways like our M83 pre-show playlist contest and talk about music all day, every day.

∞  May 24, 2012 — 1:50PM

New Features

Rdio for iPad Highlights: Sync, Share and Play


You asked for it time and time again so it was no small feat when Rdio shared the big, beautiful Rdio for iPad app back in August 2011. Today, we wanted to highlight what we’ve heard are your favorite features and share some of our own too. If you don't see your favorite thing about the app listed here, let us know in the comments.


One of the best things about the iPad is how touchable it is. Let your fingers do the browsing with Rdio for iPad’s pop-out user profiles and album information. Cruise your network’s Recent Activity, or a playlist track list. Not only that, we've heard the Retina-friendly app has such beautiful graphics, there's no reason not to tune in and rock out with your music's album art.


Leaving on a jetplane? Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush and the Rdio for iPad app, loaded with music. If you want to see what you can listen to 30,000 feet in the sky, sort your Collection by synced music only.


Don’t sweat Rdio for iPad’s data usage — change your Settings so that music syncs over wifi only.


When the perfect song for the perfect person starts playing, let them know on Twitter, Facebook or send him or her an email. Sharing from Rdio for iPad is easy.

Perfect on the couch or during your commute, Rdio for iPad is a free download from the iTunes App Store. After a 7-day free trial, you can subscribe to Rdio Unlimited at or through Apple’s in-app purchasing system.

∞  May 4, 2012 — 8:19AM

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From Rdio Engineering: Rdio Hack Day #1

A couple weeks ago, the Rdio engineers participated in the first ever Rdio Hack Day. Using the Rdio API, they built some incredibly cool features and extensions for New Rdio. We’ll let the engineering team take it away and show off their creations.

On Friday, the Rdio engineers put down their task lists and rolled up their sleeves for the first ever Rdio Hack Day. We put aside our regularly scheduled programming and focused our attention on any project we wanted. We built dream features and spelunked into unexplored coding depths. The results included everything from esoteric visualizations to practical hacks that streamlined that one annoying thing that ruins your coding flow every day. Here’s the rundown on a few choice hacks.


Web Audio API Hacks
With the new Rdio’s flash-free music playback, Google Chrome gives us access to the Web Audio API. Michael Smith built an equalizer that lets you adjust your music’s frequencies. This hack is using bleeding edge browser technology, so you may need to wait a bit until you can pump up the bass on that dance party playlist. Also using the Web Audio API was Brian Ferrell’s visualizer. Brian added basic support for WebGL with the three.js library and ported the brilliant visualization by felixturner into Rdio.

Song Identification Integration
Eugene and Raul integrated Shazam and VCast Song ID with Rdio through email. These services let you use your smartphone to identify a song that is playing through nearby speakers. They used Shazam and VCast Song ID to send a digestible email that would then use Rdio’s API to search for an Rdio library match and add it to your playlist. Now you can have the club’s playlist in the comfort of your own home.

Search Results RSS
When is that new album coming out? Eric Fikus tackled this problem and developed an RSS feed for Rdio search results. Tie it into your favorite feed reader and you’ll get notified as your favorite artist's new album becomes available.


Related/Influencer Artists for Android
Brett and Adam supercharged the artist page on the Rdio for Android app, so you can now view the artist bio, related artists and influential artists.


Jim Fleming made an abstract visualization that shows the play count in real-time for Rdio’s top charts. Matt Erkilla and Jon Klobucar built different map visualizers that shows Rdio activity on a world map.

Roku Screensaver
For all your set-top box fans out there, Ryan Nordman added a screensaver for the Roku. Now your television will show album art from the currently-playing track while saving your plasma screen from burn in. Expect this to be in the next Roku update.

Artist View in Collection
Jesse Dawson implemented an artist view in the new Rdio’s collection pages. It shows you a list of all the artists in your collection with collapsible lists of albums. (This feature is coming soon.)

Pay attention in the coming months, you may see some of these shiny new objects make their way into the product. So what would you have built? What’s your Rdio dream feature? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments.