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Label Spotlight: Hopeless Records 20th Anniversary


Formed in 1993 by Louis Posen, Southern California-based independent label Hopeless Records has been guiding and supporting artists for two decades. Known best for fostering the careers of rocker stalwarts All Time Low, The Used, and Yellowcard, and breaking acts like Air Dubai and The Wonder Years, the next 20 years only seem like they can get bigger and brighter for this hard-working and accomplished label. The essential Hopeless Records releases detailed below are a great starting point in order to delve deeply into the label’s musical history and explore the sonic connections these albums share. You can also follow Hopeless Records on Rdio for the label’s hand-picked playlists that share new songs, Yellowcard’s favorite pre-concert jams, and more.

Essential Releases on Hopeless Records

The second album from this Irvine crew provides a melodic hardcore welcome to the O.C. and was conceived as a benefit record for a South Central-based youth center.

The hardest band ever to emerge from Huntington Beach delves into metalcore territory in this early release.

The Warped Tour faves’ sophomore album is buoyed by the gold-selling single “Dear Maria, Count Me In.”

The Jacksonville-based group that proved how much violins can rock got back together after a two-year break to release this seventh album.

After a career spent under major label guidance, the Utah powerhouse moved to the independent world with Hopeless to find the freedom to record an emotionally complex and beat-driven fifth album.