New Music Weekly

For Your Eyes and Ears: Icona Pop on New Music Weekly

Fall head over heels for this week’s New Music Weekly video. “Then We Kiss”, from the new album by Swedish dance party duo Icona Pop, provides the sugary soundtrack to the effervescent animation.

We’re smitten with the beautiful work from video artist, Holbrooks:

"This track is saccharine sweet. Like most of Icona Pop's music, it is energetic but also romantic... in a kind of caffeinated, high-gear way. We were looking for a way to underscore the aspect of romance and attraction. Our jumping off point was the culture of online dating that has become so prevalent. Because the track is so quick and bubbly, we wanted it to feel almost like a session of speed dating that ends in a real love connection. The idea of new love born out of online encounters seemed to fit perfectly with the song and also gave us the opportunity to offer a bit of commentary regarding the state of relationships in an increasingly digital age."