New Music Weekly

For Your Eyes and Ears: Typhoon on New Music Weekly

Creativity and inspiration bloom from our brains so it’s only logical that that’s what triggered the idea behind this week’s New Music Weekly video featuring “Artificial Light” from Oregon indie band Typhoon’s new album, White Lighter.

Get into the mind of Upperfirst, the video artist behind the beautiful short:

"The original core idea came from thoughts about the brain, about the idea that the brain is split into two parts, each very different than the other. One part is structured and logical, the other is creative and more chaotic. This made us want to explore contrasts more and we thought about old vs new, this is where the classic bust came from. We also wanted the colors to be strong contrasts, still with the different brain halves in mind. Colorful and chaotic versus structured and logical again. Rdio is a lot about discovery and this is why we started the piece without showing too much objects coming out and then spawning more and more as it goes. It was important that we had a good variety of objects to keep giving the impression of creativity and chaos. Inspiration came from corals. Corals have a great variety of shapes and colors but still stay in the same style universe. Therefore we mixed in plastic, glass and gold to keep playing with the contrasts and the chaotic feel.

Most important was the notion that creativity and beauty comes from the brain, that our creativity and imagination is limitless. We wanted to leave the viewer with a sense that the creativity would keep going, that the objects would keep spawning, keep creating and discovering wonderful things."