The Songs Wampire Can't Possibly Live Without


In honor of the release of the eclectic debut album Curiosity, Portland’s Wampire are digging deep into their music collection to share their favorite tunes with us. Included in the playlist of Songs Wampire Can't Live Without are the tunes that have taken over their whole summer, tickled their funny bone, and opened the gateway into whole new realms of sound, all by the likes of Ariel Pink, The Clash, The Misfits, and Kraftwerk. Read more in their Playlist Notes below and follow Wampire on Rdio.


  • The Misfits - "Some Kinda Hate"
    Static Age took over a summer of mine a few years ago. My best friend and I were working at a late night crepe cart here in Portland and it really sucked. Our boss was a pompous jag, a lot of the customers were drunk assholes, and we would be stuck there until 6am. After work we would put this record on, rip cigs, pound beers, and sing "Some Kinda Hate" to each other as we cleaned. Very cathartic. Years later and I can't stop listening. Fuggin' punk perfection.

  • The Strokes - "Someday"
    I was in middle school when Is This It first came out. I know for a lot of people that makes me pretty young. Anyway, this band changed my life. Growing up, my mom listened to the Titanic soundtrack and Boston so to hear something this raw to my young suburban ears with that dark tinge that courses through my veins was so electrifying. Also Casablanca's stream of consciousness like lyrics were total poetry to me.

  • Ariel Pink - "Round and Round"
    At first Ariel piqued my interest just because it was one of the first things that exposed me to lo-fi, and how so much of it goes beyond sounding old and goes further into that dark hole. Kind of like that scene in Star Wars where Luke uses the Tauntaun for warmth — people nowadays are rolling off that high end for means of survival. For the longest time I kind of wrote off Ariel Pink as background music until I saw him and his Haunted Graffiti perform "Round and Round" on Fallon. I realized then how important that man is to me and music itself.

  • Peter Schilling - "Major Tom"
    I once played this song while DJing a party and a childhood friend of mine described it as "the exact music I'd imagine you'd make." If I could make a song this perfect, I'd crap myself. FOOUUUUR THREEEEE TWOOOOOO OOOOONE.

  • The Clash - "Straight to Hell"
    When we went in to the studio to record Curiosity and we started talking about sounds we wanted to go after, The Clash came up a bunch, mainly their guitar work. We were trying to avoid having too much "strummy" guitar and swapped a lot of that out with guitar "stabs." This helped us define some of our sound that has kind of come to define us. Besides, this song is absolutely perfect.

  • Gorillaz - "On Melancholy Hill"
    This song really wiggles my funny bone. I finally gave Plastic Beach a listen a couple summers ago on a road trip down the West Coast and I got the chills when this song came on. Definitely the stand out on that record, and just one of my favorite songs ever now.

  • Yello - "Oh Yeah"
    This song is dedicated to everyone that's reviewed the album and claimed that it's too light hearted. Lighten up, BBs. If you can't look past a synth tone or whatever you're fixating on, then my advice to you would be the opposite of what you want from us. So track 7 goes out to those that give zero cares.

  • Art Department - "Without You"
    I remember the first time hearing this song and just screaming — SCREAMING — about how amazing it is. If you haven't heard this song yet, then you might end up doing the same. The beat cuts so hard it's incredible.

  • Kraftwerk - "Metropolis"
    It's hard to pick a favorite Kraftwerk song, but I've had "Metropolis" on repeat for quite a while now. Listen to this song turned up as load as it can go, it only gets better.

  • Girls - "Substance"
    I used to work for Unknown Mortal Orchestra as a tour manager a while back and one of the tours they did was with the band Girls. I would watch them play every night and never got sick of it. The stand out of the set was always the song "Substance". So sad and beautiful, it's the perfect way to wrap up a playlist of songs I couldn't live without.

∞  May 30, 2013 — 10:00AM