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Developer App: Talk Radio

Talk Radio

Talk Radio is to Rdio as Siri is to the iPhone. With just the sound of your voice, this month’s Developer App plays what you want to hear without navigating with a mouse.

First, make sure your browser of choice is Chrome, version 25 or later. Then head over to Talk Radio to start the music. Hit the spacebar and tell the app what you want to hear — say an artist like, “Play Jim James,” or a genre such as, “Play indie pop.” You can even get niche-music-nerd levels of specific like, “Play chill music in the style of smooth jazz.”

Talk Radio utilizes Chrome’s brand new Web Speech API and The Echo Nest’s snazzy search function to make beautiful music together. When the speech recognizer hears, “Play music by dead mouse,” The Echo Nest can smartly resolve to “deadmau5.”

The app was built by Paul Lamere who also created Boil The Frog, our pick for last month’s Developer App. Follow Lamere on Twitter to see what he’s cooking up next.

Want to learn more about the Rdio API? Visit Rdio’s Developer page, register for an API key, and start building. Feel free to check out our sample code and libraries on Github and join our API Google Group. Need more incentive? You can even earn some cash via the Rdio Affiliate Program.