Comedy Central's The Ben Show Rocks Out On Rdio


Fresh on Comedy Central’s new Thursday lineup is The Ben Show. It’s an original hybrid of sketch comedy and man-on-the-street reality starring Ben Hoffman, whose previous writing credits include Sports Show with Norm McDonald, MTV Movie Awards, and Current TV’s infoMania. Whether in real life or fictional situations, Hoffman’s humor is outrageous, as you’ll see in this week’s first episode, when he attempts to buy his first gun, imagines obituaries as announced by a rapper, and interviews Diff’rent Strokes star Todd Bridges for a wild animated cartoon.

Hoffman is also a big lover of music — fun fact: His brother Scott Hoffman, aka Baby Daddy, is in a little group called the Scissor Sisters! Every Thursday The Ben Show shares Hoffman’s exclusive playlists, including this playlist of songs that inspired the first episode “Ben Buys A Gun.”

Make sure to follow The Ben Show on Rdio and catch the program when it premieres on Comedy Central tonight!