Influencer Spotlights

Influencer Spotlight: BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed’s mission is to chart the most viral pop culture themes across the Internet while incorporating the witty observations and opinions of a sassy community of users. Its music section is a haven of hilarity; a typical day documents such oddities as a Tumblr imagining Adele as Mrs. Doubtfire, mashups of Miles Davis with LCD Soundsystem, Pete Wentz’s descent into dubstep, and a recreation of nasty rap songs re-enacted by cute cats.

Follow BuzzFeed on Rdio and you’ll find a number of amusing playlists organized around popular meme themes. Enjoy smartly-curated, genre-spanning soundtracks for concepts like FAIL, CUTE, and LOL. Warning: Like those viral Internet ideas they’re channeling, the playlists are all quite addicting and might end up making you exclaim something like, “OMGWTFBBQ!”