Discover Atticus Ross’ Inspiration Behind Broken City

Broken City

Composer Atticus Ross is best known for his and Trent Reznor’s Oscar-winning score for The Social Network, not to mention his masterful work on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Book of Eli. In honor of his new film, Broken City, Ross takes us through his inspirations behind the ominous, heart-pounding soundtrack.

Broken City, which opens today, follows a disgraced ex-cop turned private detective (Mark Walhberg) who uncovers a much grander scandal when he’s double-crossed by the mayor of New York (Russell Crowe). Ross drew inspiration from ‘80s glam rock, industrial new wave, and other beloved scores — bookending the playlist with David Bowie tracks and sprinkling his own signature haunting sound from the film in between — to build an equally compelling sound narrative.

Play Ross’ Broken City inspiration playlist below, then listen to the movie's soundtrack and see if you can put the pieces together.