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Developer App: Boil the Frog

Boil the Frog

This month’s Developer App is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for music. Boil the Frog builds a track-by-track connection from one artist to another based on musical style.

Boil the Frog lets you move from Mickey Mouse to deadmau5, swing from Kanye West to Taylor Swift, and jump from Justin Bieber to Jimi Hendrix almost seamlessly.

Simply enter the names of two artists and Boil the Frog will generate a playlist, letting you know the number of songs needed for the gradual shift. Click the first song to listen to the entire playlist or any album cover to play the individual song. If you don’t care for a particular track or artist, the “New Track” button will replace the song while “Bypass” will create a whole new playlist. To save the mix onto Rdio, click “Save this playlist.”

With the help of The Echo Nest, Paul Lamere created an artist similarity graph that finds the path between two artists for Boil the Frog. Playlists are then built by following the path with the most popular artists and the most popular song from that artist.

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