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Soundtrack your Video Music Awards Party with Rdio’s VMA 2012 Playlist

Tonight, the MTV Video Music Awards will reward the best and brightest in popular music with the little silver spacemen you’ve come to know so well. Having a pre-VMA party? Post-VMA party? Or do you just straight up love pop music? Either way, our VMA 2012 Nominees Playlist might be just what the doctor ordered. Just make sure to turn it down for your favorite artist’s acceptance speech.

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Now Accepting: PayPal on Rdio


Get all the music you want from Rdio without whipping out the plastic. Starting today Rdio accepts PayPal.

If you’ve been waiting for PayPal to subscribe, head to the Payment tab in your Settings and select it as your payment option. Connect your PayPal account to your Rdio profile online and enjoy Rdio Web or Rdio Unlimited without having to reach for your wallet again. Now you’ll never miss a beat.

Rdio Recommends

Rdio Recommends: August 2012

August was chock full of warm weather and hot tunes. But we’re guessing that, like us, you just couldn’t fit all the sun and songs you wanted into your month. Luckily, our Rdio Recommends: August 2012 is here to save the day.

Have a listen to our mix and review it to let us know if your favorite August release slipped by our radar.

About Rdio Recommends: The first week of every month, we’ll review and create a playlist that reflects what we’re enjoying and think you might also like. It is composed entirely of new music from the previous month.


Stars presents The North and The Greatest Pop Songs playlist


Canadian orchestral pop troupe Stars have been one of the most consistent indie groups of the last decade, releasing beautiful variations on their lush, melancholic sound. But they’re pop songsmiths at heart — their albums have been slowly focusing more and more on songcraft as they progress, and their latest album, The North, is no exception.

Stars teamed up with Rdio to create The Greatest Pop Songs curated by Stars, a playlist of great pop songs that never made it to the top forty. You may not have heard them before, but you won’t forget them now. Listen below:

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Now Available on Rdio: Protected Accounts

Protected Accounts

Rdio is all about discovering new music and sharing it with your social network. But it can also be about putting your guilty pleasures on repeat. That’s why today we’re rolling out the first tool of our new privacy features.

What does it mean to have a Protected Account? You have the power to peruse and approve new followers before they can get a glimpse of your collection, playlists, activity, and full profile. Unapproved users will simply see a lock icon next to the username and a Request to Follow button when they view a Protected Account.

Take a peek at your privacy controls by clicking the Advanced tab in your Settings. Your profile is public by default so that other users can join in on your new music finds, but hit Set Account to Protected to change this.

Now you can play all the Top 40s you want without prying eyes and ears.

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New Music Tuesday - September 4, 2012


It’s an “alternative” kind of New Music Tuesday: San Francisco garage-pop outfit The Fresh & Onlys, former Hüsker Dü frontman Bob Mould, and UK indie quartet The Vaccines all have new albums this week. The sharp-tongued romantic singer-songwriter Jens Lekman’s got a new one, too, and metal vets Judas Priest are reissuing their classic Screaming for Vengeance.

Screaming for more? Lend an ear to the weekly New Music Tuesday playlist and the rest of this week’s new albums in the Rdio New Releases, and check our playlist notes below for highlights.

Playlist Notes

  • Deerhoof - Breakup Song
    The eccentric pop troupe switch genres like clothing, always successfully. This time around, it’s a playful mix of tropicalia, funk, and electro-pop.

  • Stars - The North
    The Canadian noir-pop band’s sixth album continues in the brooding, orchestral sound that they do so well.

  • Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon
    The band’s follow-up to their beloved debut promises all the dance-floor-ready disco-punk you could ask for. Slip on your dancing shoes.

  • Cat Power - Sun
    The folk and bluesy Chan Marshall takes a left-turn on her new album, opting for dance-oriented, electronic flourishes in place of her acoustic, guitar-based arrangements.

  • Animal Collective - Centipede Hz
    The shapeshifting, boundary pushing indie rock collective has described this as their most “alien” album. We hear it’s out of this world.


An Rdio Exclusive: Hear Sea Wolf’s Personal Third Album Now


Indie-folk outfit Sea Wolf’s Alex Brown Church has worked with producers Phil Ek (Built to Spill, Band of Horses, The Shins) and Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, M. Ward), and has written with a rotating cast of musicians, but for his third full-length, he decided to take some time alone to write and pushing himself as a musician. It’s a decidedly less fussed-over affair, with minimal instrumentation that lets Church’s songs speak for themselves, free of any context.

The album, Old World Romance won’t be out for another week, but you can hear it now on Rdio. Preview the whole thing below: