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New Music Tuesday - September 18, 2012


Some of the biggest names in the music biz have new releases this week: Reggae-pop superstar Sean Paul and epic rock songsmiths The Killers have new albums out today. Kanye West has finally released his posse album Cruel Summer and Michael Jackson's Bad celebrates 25 years, and hasn’t aged a bit. In more indie fare, the elegant new Grizzly Bear album is finally ready for your ears, and so is the loud, guitar-centric Dinosaur Jr..

There’s more, too: consult our playlist notes below, listen to the New Music Tuesday playlist below, and peruse all the new titles every week in the Rdio New Releases.

Playlist Notes

  • Ben Folds Five - The Sounds Of The Life Of The Mind
    The reconvened Ben Folds Five release their first album since 1999. Listen to hear how the group dynamics have changed in the past decade.

  • Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock
    The Americana folk-pop troupe release their second major-label album, on which the band are more “loose” and “raw,” according to singer Ben Bridwell.

  • Kreayshawn - Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay
    The diss-slingin’, bling-heavy rapper releases her debut album after three mixtapes and the viral hit “Gucci Gucci.”

  • Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss
    This is crazy but here's the viral pop sensation's full album — so listen, maybe?

  • Down - Down IV Part I — The Purple EP
    The heavy metal supergroup’s fourth album is being released in a series of EPs, and was four years in the making. Hear how the band have progressed since their 2007 effort, Over the Under.