Paul Banks’ Julian Plenti and others on Alter Egos: The Playlist


When he’s not surrounded by his bandmates, Interpol’s Paul Banks is Julian Plenti. His musical alter ego explores genres Interpol’s moody oeuvre never approached: folk ditties, art-rock anthems, electronic-tinged ballads, and straight-up rock and roll. This week, he’s releasing Julian Plenti Lives..., the EP follow-up to his debut album, Skyscraper, and you can hear it on Rdio now.

Banks’ alias got us thinking about other famous musicians who found success behind a character of their invention, including David Bowie, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Blur’s Damon Albarn, and others. With no further ado, we’re pleased to present Alter Egos: The Playlist, below.

∞  July 27, 2012 — 11:00AM