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Listen to: Wonky

“After a multi-year hiatus, they dusted off their vintage gear and brought us a blend of vintage and contemporary styles that is all Orbital.

In this album, I hear a bit of In Sides and a bit of Middle of Nowhere. Folded into this are some expressions of current trends and styles, which I believe they successfully made their own. The best part for me is that I find every song on this album listenable repeatedly, which hasn't been true for at least two of their last albums. In typical Orbital style, this album has some sublimely beautiful moments, and at other times has flourishes that seem a bit hackneyed.

Overall, a quality offering. I'm glad they are back. I hope they can keep the creative juices flowing, and get back in prime form with their next release.”

Jeff Elder

∞  May 10, 2012 — 9:00AM