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New Rdio Spotlight: Your Network

Since launching the new Rdio preview for all subscribers, we want to point out some the handy new features and behind-the-scenes improvements. This week — let’s look at your friends, family and the rest of the people you follow on Rdio.

Your Rdio Network is like a recommendations system tailored for you, by you — they influence the music you’ll see and discover every time you log into Rdio.

Your Network

Now it’s easy to look at your friends’ favorite picks. From the new People Sidebar you can quickly view Your Network, and see what your Online friends are listening to on Rdio.


Find something that catches your eye? Hover over your friend’s name to listen along with a single click, or add his current tunes to your Collection or Queue.

Quick tip: Click the People icon to open or close the sidebar.

Who to Follow

Click ‘Find and Invite People’ to find out which of your friends are already on Rdio —you’ll have the option to connect with Facebook, Twitter or your email account directly.

Once the accounts are linked, you’ll see a list of friends from your network who are already on Rdio, but you’re not yet following, in the People You Know section.


What about people I don’t already know?

The labels, magazines, musicians, and tastemakers you’ll find in our Suggestions section are great for inspiration, discovery, and some pretty fantastic playlists. And Your Network probably follows some pretty interesting people themselves, so you can check their profiles for amped-up discovery.

Curious? New Rdio is a visually beautiful and dynamic way to play Rdio. The completely redesigned new Rdio is available to all Web and Unlimited subscribers.