Influencer Spotlights

Doing Music and Travel Right: Tablet Hotels


“Hotels? What’s cool about hotels?” Not much, unless you’re the folks at Tablet Hotels. Since 2000, founders Laurent Vernhes and Michael Davis and the rest of their ultra-savvy arbiters of lodging have done the heavy lifting for the restless traveler: they send anonymous members of their review committee, “many of whom have travel industry, architecture or design backgrounds,” to rate hotels, and then report back to decide whether or not they pass muster. Hotels must be subjected to a rigorous reviewing process before being admitted, and guest reviews of the over 2000 hotels worldwide ensure that only the best stay featured on the Tablet website.

The Tablet team’s high hotel standards standards apply to music as well, making them clear influencers in both spheres. They’re tuned into what’s unique and interesting, and their travel-friendly playlists feature music from some of the most cutting-edge, critic-approved artists out there.

Follow Tablet on Rdio to ensure that wherever you’re traveling to, you’ve got the right tunes to fit your destination.