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Hear the Yo Gotti Favorite Cuts Playlist


This week, Memphis, Tennessee rapper Yo Gotti released his debut studio album — his first on a major label. Live From The Kitchen is the culmination of a decade of hard work, during which he sought inspiration from other great rappers. Yo Gotti compiled a playlist of some of his favorite cuts and shared commentary for each track, which you can read below.

Playlist Notes

  • Akon - “Sorry, Blame It On Me”
    This is a record I relate to everyday, from being on the road, to all of the mistakes that I’ve made in my life, I always get a chance to step back from my hectic life and reflect.

  • 50 Cent - “Wanksta”
    This is a classic right here!!! I remember hearing this joint about 8 years ago and it still gives me the same feeling I felt when I first heard it, thinking about all of these dudes pretending to be something they clearly can not and will not be.

  • Yo Gotti - “Women Lie, Men Lie”
    This joint is so hard and Weezy killed it! (Hold ya head, Weezy!) This record is so true because people can say what they want but numbers don’t have emotions, or feelings, just facts. Dope sound, dope meaning.

  • Alicia Keys - “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart”
    Ms. Keys killed this cut and the beat was so banging for an R&B record…I love it.

  • Nicki Minaj & Gucci Mane - “Freaky Girl”
    I remember when this song dropped, I attached to it immediately because of the hook. I still love it because of the hook.

  • Yo Gotti - “5 Star Remix”
    The remix helped make the original be bigger than it already was and Nicki…she ripped the track to shreds.

  • Soulja Boy - “Turn My Swag On”
    This is my joint!! It’s just a banging record that is very fun. Whenever I’m just hopping out the bed, I get my chain, my stack, turn my swag on.

  • Clipse - “Grindin’”
    I love this joint!!! There is one word to describe this cut, classic. This is probably the all time D-Boy Anthem.

  • T.I. - “Rubber Band Man’”
    If “Grindin’” is the D-Boy anthem then this is the celebration of that lifetime. There is nothing like stacks in a rubber band.

  • T.I. - “What You Know”
    This record is so amazing. The beat was so beautiful and T.I. ripped it, straight classic.

  • T.I. - “You Don’t Know Me”
    This record was so catchy and so big, this is again a personal favorite of mine, especially when I don’t want to be bothered, like don’t mess wit me boy, cause you don’t know me!!!

  • T.I. - “Still Ain’t Forgave Myself”
    This is another retrospective joint that I love that shows that all men are equal, no matter how tough you portray yourself to be.

  • Young Jeezy - “Air Forces”
    Same as “Trap or die”, this is a classic Jeezy cut that’s one of my all time favorites from da Snowman.

  • Plies - “100 Years”
    This is such a real record that everybody gotta feel. I love how truthful Plies get especially on this record, a very touching cut.

  • Plies - “Sumbody”
    This is another favorite from my homie Plies. This record again hits home because of its touching subject matter. I love this cut.

  • Drake - “Forever”
    This joint was so hard, plus all four dudes, Drake, ‘Ye, Weezy, and Em all murdered a banging beat. This was one of my favorite joints from 2009.

  • Lil Wayne - “Money On My Mind”
    This joint was just Weezy at probably his finest, he was so hungry and so ill with the bars, this is one of my favorite joints from that era.

  • Rick Ross - “Hustlin’”
    This is what put Ross on the map and it’s simple and sweet; everyday I’m hustling to stay alive and live well. Whether in the dope game or in any type of hustle, this record speaks to all who are trying to be somebody. I love this song.