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Next year, Thrill Jockey Records turns 20. That’s a remarkable achievement for a label that started in founder Bettina Richards’s Manhattan apartment. Three years later, she moved her venture to Chicago, where it has remained since, putting out records that consistently push genre boundaries.

Thrill Jockey is responsible for some of the most beloved indie acts of the last two decades. The label stays relevant by constantly searching for new, engaging indie bands whose dedication to music matches their ability to break the conventions of it. Thrill Jockey’s Rdio profile reflects their awareness of the current music scene — they follow only the finest users, bands, and other publications, and they’re constantly adding new tunes to their already extensive library.

Amongst Thrill Jockey’s own artists are standby acts like jazz-tinged post-rockers Tortoise, expansive indie rock veterans The Sea And Cake, and the ever-changing, eclectic The Fiery Furnaces. On the newer side are acts like neo-New Romantic outfit Future Islands and the psychedelic, tropicalia-steeped High Places.

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