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Friendly Fire Recordings is a Brooklyn-based record label founded in 2004 by Dan Koplowitz. The label is the proud home of bands like dream-poppers Asobi Seksu, Swedish collective the Concretes, art-pop quartet Elk City, Canadian electronic outfit Faunts, and New York-based Phenomenal Handclap Band.

On Friendly Fire's label page you’ll find more albums from their own roster, but their Rdio profile reveals the extent of their tastes. They crafted a new playlist for each of the last three months, and are constantly adding new tunes to their already impressive library.

But of course it’s their own artists that matter — Friendly Fires’ next release is the debut album from Finnish-Ethiopian singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner, out March 27th. And following that, watch for a new Faunts EP.

Don’t miss out on Friendly Fire Recordings’ extensive discography and their extraordinary taste in all things music — follow Friendly Fire Recordings on Rdio.