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Rdio Recommends: A New Monthly Music Digest

Welcome to the first installment of Rdio Recommends, a new monthly music digest brought to you by Rdio on Rdio. Unearth hidden gems, auditory stand-outs, and the best of each month’s new musical treasures.

The first Monday of every month, we’ll review and create a playlist that reflects what we like and think you might like, composed entirely of new music from the previous month — the perfect compliment to our New Music Tuesday playlists. Rdio Recommends is a guaranteed free pass for you to discover all the cool new songs, albums and musicians before your best friends — unless of course, they are listening too.

This month features 27 of our favorite songs from October. Be surprised and delighted by what’s in store, so you can interject a good sultry soul song, catchy space-age techno experiment or just a dash of something catchy into your Heavy Rotation.

Give the first Rdio Recommends: October a listen and let us know: did you find some new favorite songs?