Mark Kozelek on Desertshore’s Drawing of Threes and His Favorite Songs Playlist


When Desertshore sat down to write their second full-length, it was supposed to be like their debut — all instrumental. Chris Connolly’s classically-trained piano would enchant and converse with the plucks and twangs of Phil Carney’s electric guitar. When the duo started recording their new tunes with Carney’s former Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon bandmate as producer, Mark Kozelek, the album took on a new dimension: besides adding guitar and bass, Kozelek supplied lyrics and vocals to six of the ten tracks.

The collaboration’s result is new album Drawing of Threes, which is now available for streaming. To mark the occasion, Mark Kozelek constructed a playlist exclusively for Rdio of “Road Songs” by some of his favorite artists, as well as a series of notes on why he picked them.

Playlist Notes

  • Ravel - “Pavane for a Dead Princess”
    My favorite piece of piano music, by Ravel. My favorite version is the guitar performance by Laurindo Almeida.

  • Judy Collins - “Send in the Clowns”
    The world stops when I hear this song. It’s the most beautiful vocal ever recorded.

  • Andrés Segovia - “Asturius”
    One of my favorite Albeniz pieces.

  • Hüsker Dü - “Celebrated Summer”
    I almost saw them in ’86, or ’87, but they cancelled.

  • Desertshore - “Mercy”
    This is the best piece of music Phil Carney ever wrote.

  • Kath Bloom - “Let’s Get Living”
    My favorite Kath song.

  • The Doors - “Indian Summer”
    I covered this for the vinyl version of the my Finally LP.

  • Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - “New Year’s Kiss”
    I might cover this some day.

  • Magnetic Fields - “I Have The Moon”
    Good band.

  • Death Cab for Cutie - “Cath”
    Great lyricists.

  • Retribution Gospel Choir - “Somebody’s Someone”
    Best live band out there.