Exclusive: Hear Mickey Moonlight’s Long-Awaited Debut


Electro-pop eccentric Mickey Moonlight hasn’t even released an album yet, and already he has music fans clamoring for his first full-length project. Moonlight spent the last few years creating two tropical-tinged EPs, the critcially-beloved Love Pattern and Interplanetary Music. He’s also remixed the likes of Justice, Franz Ferdinand, and Tame Impala, among others.

This Tuesday the wait for Mickey Moonlight’s debut finally ends, but starting today on Rdio you can hear ...And The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation, courtesy of Because Music.

Find featured guests George Lewis Jr. (aka Twin Shadow), ex-Bonde do Role member Marina Gasloina, Canadian groove-popper Sandro Perri, The New Pony Club’s Lou Hayter and Tahita Bulmer, and many others in the mix. It’s an album sure to please the pop music fan who wants music that moves the body and the brain.

Listen to Mickey Moonlight’s ...And The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation now. To learn more about Moonlight’s illustrious label, check out our previous blog feature about Because Music.