Comedy Exclusive: Pete Holmes — Impregnated With Wonder

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Pete Holmes is the kind of comedian who can make you laugh with just the look on his face, but he hardly relies on that. His wry, often self-deprecating observations about modern life as an adult are the work of a man whose timing and physical humor is matched by his wit and perception. Holmes uses his experience as a writer (both for NBC's "Outsourced" and FOX's "I Hate My Teenage Daughter") to fuel his funny, which has brought him, in just the last year, appearances on Conan and his own half-hour Comedy Central special.

Next week, Holmes will release Impregnated With Wonder, his debut collection of stand-up. It features some of Holmes’ best material to date, including his “Fun Dad” sketch, in which Holmes pokes fun both at himself and stereotypical middle-class fathers who need validation from their children and their friends.

Can’t wait to hear it? Rdio is streaming the album now, a week before its official release date. Listen to Impregnated With Wonder now.

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