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Angels & Airwaves’ Love Project and Dual Playlists


Though Blink-182 recently made their return to recorded music, Tom Delonge’s other band for the past five years remains quite active. Angels & Airwaves is his creative playground to explore grand, serious musical and lyrical themes.

Their latest endeavor is the Love Project, a pair of albums that provide the musical counterpart to a full-length science-fiction flick of the same name, directed by William Eubank. Love, Pt. 1 was released in 2010, and along with the release of Love, Pt. 2 last week, they also released a box set featuring both albums and the film.

To celebrate the completion of their project, Angels & Airwaves compiled two playlists they enjoy playing before and after gigs, among other "extracurricular" activities. Listen to the aptly-titled, “Foreplay” below, then dial up “Afterglow”. In their own words, "For us, playing a show is much like making love. This is our soundtrack for both."