A Hirsute and Hilarious Exclusive: Hear the Beards of Comedy

CD1 Beards Cover

Comedians Andy Sandford, Joe Zimmerman, TJ Young and Dave Stone are more than just a bunch of funny men — they’re the Beards of Comedy, a quartet of sharp young comedians whose attention to detail highlights the hilarious quirks of everyday existence. Their online short films, such as “The Fan,” “Basketball,” and the hilarious “Breakfast Banditos” (the latter of which was a front-page feature on FunnyOrDie.com) slyly use cinematic conventions to set the tone for their subtle skewering of genre-classics like Westerns and Art films.

On November 22, the bearded foursome drop a second comedy album in the form of Cardio Mix. The album features more of the troupe’s insightful pop culture jabs. If you want to hear the album a week before its release, you’ve come to the right place; Rdio is now streaming Cardio Mix in its entirety as part of our Comedy Central Exclusives series.

Listen to Cardio Mix now, and stay tuned — there are just two more exclusives left in this hilarious series.