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Influencer Spotlight: Courtney E. Smith


Music geekery is for everybody, but a glance at the history of the music industry shows that it’s often been defined from a male viewpoint. In her first novel, Record Collecting for Girls, Courtney E. Smith smartly chronicles her lifelong obsession with music from a female perspective.

Record Collecting for Girls is now available from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Smith has constructed a living soundtrack to it on Rdio. Her playlists are suitably named after the chapters on which they’re based: “Top Five Lists” is from the first chapter, wherein she lists her top five artists of all time. Other chapter-playlists include “Making Out with Romeo and Juliet”, “Are We Breaking Up?”, “Rock ‘N Roll Consorts”, and “The Smiths Syndrome”. There are over a dozen playlists to explore — follow Courtney E. Smith for more.

∞  October 7, 2011 — 10:00AM