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Getting To Know: Peggy Sue


Having an album already under their belt made it easier for Brighton, England indie-folk trio Peggy Sue to more fully express themselves on their second full-length, Acrobats. The band felt better at their instruments after doing more touring (which they did with Kate Nash and Mumford and Sons), and were ready to channel their influences in a more nuanced way. Acrobats is the band’s most focused album, but it’s also louder and more ferocious than their debut.

The album isn’t out yet in North America, but you can stream Acrobats exclusively on Rdio now. Get to know Peggy Sue better by reading our interview with Peggy Sue's own Katy Klaw:

Five Questions with Peggy Sue

  1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
    Katy Klaw: Lindsay Powell (formerly know as Cake Bake Betty currently known as Fielded).
  2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
    KK: The new Two Gallants album that they are making at the moment.
  3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
    KK: Motown Chartbusters Volumes 1-5.
  4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music.
    KK: Patient.
  5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
    KK: Whether choruses were completely necessary.