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All About: DeVotchKa


DeVotchKa is a gypsy-folk group that's been making consistently great albums for over a decade. Earlier this year the Denver, Colorado quartet released their sixth studio album, 100 Lovers, and spent the rest of 2011 touring it relentlessly.

On October 28th and 29th the band will play a pair of shows in their native state, respectively at Denver’s Ogden Theatre and Boulder’s Boulder Theatre. DeVotchKa have a reputation for their love of Halloween, and the theme of this year’s shows are Zombies vs. Vampires. If it’s even a fraction as good as that sounds, we suggest that area fans grab tickets before it’s too late.

In the meantime, DeVotchka’s drummer Shawn King answered our Five Questions and constructed a playlist of some of his favorite shoegaze tracks with violinist Tom Hagerman, both of which are below.

Five Questions with DeVotchKa

  1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
    Shawn King: The first person that comes to mind is Alain Johannes, who we did a tour with last year. In my view, he’s a rare combo of sensitive and fierce.
  2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
    SK: Kraftwerk’s Ralf and Florian. I heard one track and now I’m curious.
  3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
    SK: Led Zeppelin II. I was spinning that record when the turntable was at eye level. The copy I own has a dedication to my mom from an old neighbor: “When you play it, you can always think of what good friends we have become. Good luck.”
  4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music.
    SK: Carelessly outgoing.
  5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
    SK: Corruption and lovelorn tycoons.