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All About: The Horrible Crowes


Many music fans might be more familiar with Brian Fallon as the singer and primary songwriter for Springsteen-esque Jersey quartet The Gaslight Anthem, but Fallon’s no one-trick pony. At the beginning of 2011 he announced a new project titled The Horrible Crowes, with his guitar technician, Ian Perkins. The Crowes’ soulful sound is distinct from The Gaslight Anthem’s more punk-rock leanings, and showcases a darker side of Fallon’s songwriting — it’s music more influenced by the likes of Tom Waits and Greg Dulli. Fallon mentioned that starting in September, the duo will play a short tour for the album — we’d suggest getting tickets now.

While you’re snagging a pair or two, check out Fallon’s hand-picked playlist, and his answers to our Five Questions.

Five Questions with The Horrible Crowes

  1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
    Brian Fallon: I think the most unheard important musician is probably a band from Canada called Lightning Dust.
  2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
    BF: Tom Waits - Orphans.
  3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
    BF: Bruce Springsteen.
  4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music.
    BF: Comforted.
  5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
    BF: Love, truth, death, and poison snakes.