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Six Degrees of Jason Schwartzman


He's primarily known as an actor, but Jason Schwartzman is something of an exception to the ”celebrities making music” rule.

Schwartzman’s first band, Phantom Planet, preceded his acting career by four years, and provided the theme song to the early 2000s teen-soap The O.C. in the form of their single, “California.” He left the band to pursue acting, and his first lead was in Wes Anderson’s Rushmore — which, incidentally, had a pretty great soundtrack — but Schwartzman continued making music thereafter. He assisted in the making of Ben Lee’s 2005 album Awake is the New Sleep, and in 2006 formed Coconut Records, the name under which he’s since recorded two albums.

Schwartzman’s been the star of numerous films and TV shows, for which he’s also consistently provided the music. He contributed to the soundtracks for both Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Bored to Death, and wrote the score for 2009's Judd Apatow film Funny People. Lastly, Schwartzman has written tracks for the film Slackers and the television show Smallville.

He has a number of more distant connections to the music world as well—his brother Robert is the California pop quintet Rooney's lead singer, and his cousin, filmmaker Sofia Coppola, is married to the lead singer from French rockers Phoenix.

Obviously Schwartzman’s got a wide variety of musical connections and has dabbled in a number of areas, but have we missed any? You can add who else you think deserves to be included in our collaborative Six Degrees of Jason Schwartzman playlist below. And is Schwartzman the only person whose musical connections run this deep? What musicians do YOU think warrant a Six Degrees exploration?