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In 1980, a young punk band in Washington, D.C. named the Teen Idles, broke up. Unsure what to do with their leftover band fund, they decided to self-release a record; it was the Minor Disturbance EP, and it was Dischord Records #1. A year later, two of the young men from the Teen Idles, Ian Mackaye and Jeff Nelson, were settled in a new bungalow-style house in Arlington, Virginia, and were putting out records by fellow Washington punk bands S.O.A., Government IssueYouth Brigade, and Mackaye and Nelson’s own new group, Minor Threat.

Despite hard times along the way - finding distribution, pressing records on their own dime - the DIY record label survives today. Dischord Records retains the same ethos they’ve always had, limiting exorbitant scalping by keeping all of their releases in print, and releasing new records by deserving underground bands every year. Some of the world’s most legendary hardcore has been released by Dischord, as evidenced below.

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For the complete history of Dischord, and a list of current bands and alumni, visit the official site at Make sure your Dashboard is complete—follow Dischord Records on Rdio.