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A name like Ghostly is apt for a record label whose output is as varied and shapeshifting as that of Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Ghostly International. Ghostly was founded in 1999, when Sam Valenti IV met Matthew Dear at a house party and they bonded over a shared love of electronic music, especially Detroit Techno. They released Dear’s “Hands Up for Detroit” 12-inch shortly thereafter, and Ghostly has grown ever since.

The two branched out after that, incorporating Italo Disco and various elements of other sub-genres into their eclectic roster, not to mention things non-musical: design, visual art, and technology such as apps and other sound-related tools. Musically, Ghostly is divided two ways: they release “avant-pop,” music that challenges and experiments with pop's existing boundaries by infusing it with new and exciting sounds, while Spectral Sound is their dance music imprint.

“To define Ghostly International,” notes their website, “would only be to limit it.” They’re right—today, Ghostly’s roster features too broad a variety of musical acts and artists to pigeonhole them with words. It’s better to listen to some of their hottest new acts (which you can find on the Rdio Ghostly International label page) like Com Truise, Dabrye or Gold Panda, to get a taste of what Ghostly are up to lately.

Follow Ghostly International on Rdio to keep up with all things avant-pop, and check out their outstanding influencer playlist, 2011 Cuts by SV4, curated by Sam Valenti IV himself. As one of Rdio's influencers, discover Ghostly’s staff picks and more from their roster below.



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