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Tips & Tricks: Help is On the Way

Tips & TricksIf you visited Rdio's Help site recently, you may have noticed our design refresh. On this week’s Tips & Tricks, we’re here to give you the lowdown on what's changed.

So, what’s new?

Design facelift aside, you’ll see all of our original articles content, including tips for getting started, troubleshooting articles, and secret hidden features.

Use the "I did"/"I did not find this article helpful" links at the bottom of each article to let us know what we can improve.

What's new in the forums? 

At the bottom of the main page, you can browse Rdio's Community Discussions, which are separated into platform-based categories.

When viewing a discussion, you can respond with a post of your own, and can also vote for other answers as well. Click the up arrow next to a question or answer, and let us know posts you've found most helpful.

On long threads, these votes will help surface the best answers.

Any questions?

Start a new thread, we’d love to hear what you think!

∞  July 29, 2011 — 4:03PM