Rdio in Canada: NXNE

This week, Canada gets its own SXSW. Featuring a familiar roster of Film, Music and Interactive elements, NXNE has something for everyone. While there are many things to check out, we’re most excited about what began today: music.

In addition to The Postelles (which we mentioned Monday), you can see over 600 bands performing in Toronto. Not sure where to start? Canadian magazine and Rdio Influencer Exclaim Magazine created an awesome playlist of their favorite NXNE picks.

While you’re enjoying NXNE, make sure to hang out on Saturday, June 18th at the Rdio Presents: Thee Festive Afternoon Hangover Cure located at Reposado from 4-7 PM. Watch Chains of Love, Hot Kid, Modern Superstitions and Two Koreas for free, while enjoying free refreshments. And if you can’t make it, turn up Last Gang’s Afternoon Hangover Cure playlist and pretend you’re there.

∞  June 15, 2011 — 12:00AM