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All About: Atari Teenage Riot

Crafting quasi-political music with a punk influence and techno beats, German band Atari Teenage Riot paved the way for a new genre called digital hardcore when they emerged in 1992. After a 10 year hiatus, they reformed and released their fourth studio album today, Is This Hyperreal?. Learn more about this intriguing set of musicians in this Five Questions with the Band and playlist below. 

Five Questions with Atari Teenage Riot

  1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
    Alec Empire: Merzbow. He pioneered noise music. Why musicians like him are important is because all music gets noisier in our times, pop music, hip hop, rock music, and of course dance. The human brain just demands more and wants to be challenged. Even reactionary music scenes only seem to find their place because of the absence of noise. Noise is a mix of many many frequencies appearing at the same time, without getting too much into the technical details here. It is information. Music works like language. We process a lot of infos in our decade. Almost like standing next to a river with a teacup. That is why noise adds excitement to music. It’s challenging our senses and makes us euphoric when done well.
  2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
    AE: Miles Davis ‘In a silent way’. I fell in love with this record first time I heard it, it never gets old…
  3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
    AE: Grandmaster Flash “The Message” this was the first record that really make me feel something. I am still wondering why that was…as a kid growing up in Berlin when it was still divided by the Wall.
  4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music.
    AE: Getting the physical experience and starting to think about issues they weren’t before
  5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
    AE: Freedoms and dangers of the Internet in our decade

Would you like to understand how Atari Teenage Riot’s brains are wired? Good—there’s a playlist for that, compliments of the band.

∞  June 8, 2011 — 12:00AM