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Tips & Tricks: Follow the Leader

Following people on Rdio makes it easy to discover (and re-discover) music — you’ll see what they listen to most, what they add to their Collections, and their Playlists and reviews.

How do I find people to Follow?

There are a few ways to find people to Follow on Rdio — whether they’re old friends, new friends, or just people with awesome musical taste.

Find out which of your friends are already on Rdio by connecting Rdio with your Twitter, Facebook or email account directly on our People to Follow page — just click on the network you’d like to connect, and you’ll see a permissions page appear.

Once they’re linked, you’ll see a list of friends from your network who are already on Rdio, but you’re not yet following.

[Tip: if your email provider isn’t listed, you can also create and import a contact file directly from your computer using the Upload Contacts File button:

What about people I don’t know?

Browse our People to Follow section — the Tastemakers (Labels, magazines, festivals and more), Suggested Users, and Top Listeners you’ll find there are great for inspiration.

Still looking for more?

You never know what music you might discover in other peoples’ profiles, Collections, and Playlists. Following users with similar (or enviable) music taste is great for discovery and your network’s Heavy Rotation.

No matter where you are within, you can find out about other people whenever you see a user icon. Hover over anyone’s icon, anywhere on Rdio — a review, an album’s recent listeners, your friends’ followers — and you’ll see a hovercard appear.

Click the arrow to see Heavy Rotation, Top Artists and Collection details.

Once you Follow someone, you’ll see his activity reflected in Your Network’s Heavy Rotation and Recent Activity — you’ll also be able to Share albums, songs, Playlists and Artists with him directly.

Questions? Feedback? Tell us about it on Rdio’s help site.

∞  May 5, 2011 — 12:00AM