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Tips and Tricks: Search

We’re sure you’re familiar with the old saying “Give a listener a song and she’ll listen for a couple minutes. Teach a listener to search on Rdio, and she’ll rock out forever.” This week we’re here to help you fine-tune your tune-finding skills.

Your jumping-off point for Search is, of course, the search bar itself:

Type the name of an artist, album, song, or playlist into the search bar, and results will magically appear in a dropdown list, separated by category.

To see more, select Show All Results (or hit your Enter key), and browse through the tabs at the top of the Search page.

Pro Tip: When searching for a tune, you can also see all user-created Playlists that include the song—just click the song title, then select the Playlists tab.

“Nice tips, but where are the tricks?” you may say. Don’t worry, we’ve got some up our sleeve.

Trying to find something but don’t want to go through 10 pages of results? You can narrow things down by putting quotation marks around your search term, or use the hyphen character (-) to exclude words from the search. (“The The” is a favorite search-befuddling band.)

Still seeing too much noise? Check out more search-related tips in our Help site. And if you still have questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

∞  April 21, 2011 — 12:00AM