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All About: Yellowcard

Started after high school, Yellowcard has been creating music for 14 years. Their latest, When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, is their 7th studio album—it’s sophisticated beyond what could potentially be called a band’s gawky teenage years. Full of upbeat, frenetic melodies about relationships and growing-up, Yellowcard keeps it fresh. Below we have our Five Questions with the Band, as well as their playlist of pre-show jams—oh, it’s good.

Five Questions with Yellowcard  

  1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
    Person’s Name: Sara Watkins. She played violin and sang in Nickel Creek but now is making her own records. She’s amazing.
  2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
    ABRV: The new “Explosions in the Sky” record which is called Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.
  3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
    ABRV: Michael Jackson
  4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music.
    ABRV: Inspired
  5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
    ABRV: Shows

Yellowcard’s label, Hopeless Records, is hosting a playlist of Yellowcard’s Pre-show Jams on their Rdio profile. These guys are touring through the summer, so you can go see them completely energized and ready-to-rock, post-jams.

∞  April 20, 2011 — 12:00AM