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Begun after the demise of The Promise Ring and The Dismemberment Plan,Maritime find themselves four full-length albums deep into their legacy. Their most recent album, Human Hearts, was released last New Music Tuesday, and if you haven’t spent time with it yet, you will certainly want to after reading the rest of this post. As a bonus, if you love Maritime and live in Chicago, we’ve got an easy way for you to win tickets to their April 22nd show, so keep reading.

Five Questions with Maritime

  1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
    Dan Didier: Honestly, not only because he is a friend of mine, but because he is an amazing songwriter… Mike Feuerstack who creates music under the name Snailhouse out of Montreal. His first record Fine is still one of my favorite records ever. It is a gem of a record that I am shocked that no one really knows.
    Davey von Bohlen: Phil Ochs. Phil Ochs. Phil Ochs.
  2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
    DD: Recently my hard drive that had all of my music on it crashed, so of all the CDs I burned and then sold, the one I have been missing lately is an album called Strand by The Spinanes. Some of those songs keep creeping back into my head and it kills me that I ever got rid of it.
    Phil Ochs, Rehearsals for Retirement
  3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
    DD: This would have to be The Rolling Stones as Tattoo You, the first record I bought. I remember excitedly bringing it home and listening to it on our HUGE record player, you know, back when record players were actual pieces of furniture.
    The Guess Who - ‘45’s’, Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
  4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music. 
    DD and DvB: Better off somehow 
  5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
    DD and DvB: Not thinking too much

You can find Maritime’s eclectic list of the Best Songs of 2010 on Dangerbird Records’ Rdio page. Keep reading for a fun jaunt through Maritime’s thoughts on why they picked each song.

Playlist Notes

1. HOT CHIP (Thieves in the Night) A great opening track for their albumOne Life Stand that is the shortest six minute song I’ve heard. I am drawn to this song because of the imagery of somebody lost in a crowded club calling out to a loved one with all of this innocence and desperation, “open your arms I want to be found!” DD
2. USHER (Oh My Gosh) For a dance song, this is one is so organic and strangely natural to me, that I was blown away the first time I heard it (on the radio driving in a rental car with Mike Kinsella (Owen) through downtown SF). I also love the song’s chorus of “oh my gosh”, which is so sissy it actually wins cool points. Plus, for all the entertainers out there, Usher can actually do it well. DVB
3. NATHANIEL RATELIFF (You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy) I saw this band live before I ever heard their record. You could have heard a pin drop in the 1500 seat theatre within a minute of this “opener’s” first song. They pulled off the most amazing harmonies live so, naturally, I had to buy the record. This track just stuck with me from the first listen, especially after reflecting back on their performance. JDK
4. LADY ANTEBELLUM (Need You Now) Kudos goes out to the songwriter here, as this song is so easy and great that Lady Antebellum can’t screw it up. Would be awesome if any genre had picked it up. I am a sucker for the male/female power duet (Lita Ford/Ozzy etc) as well, so this one sorta scratches my itch too. Lyrically it sags, but whatever top 40 song gets bumped because of the overplay of this one is probably way worse. DVB
5. BEACH HOUSE (Walk in the Park) There was a period of some time in 2010 where Teen Dream was the only record I listened to, so clearly I think the whole record is amazing, but this song especially stands out nicely. I don’t know if the vocal delivery reminds me sweetly of theCocteau Twins or if the lyrics remind me of the hours I spend walking around the cities we play on tour, but something grabs onto me. DD
6. TAIO CRUZ (Dynamite) When I was in LA overseeing some of the mixing of Human Hearts I rented a car and the radio station that was on when I started it played mostly top 40 and R&B type stuff. I was surprised that I never thought to change it to something else the whole time I was there. There must of been a part of me that appreciated the ‘ear cleanser’ after sitting in the mixing studio for most of the day. This station basically played the same handful of songs throughout the day so when I got into the car I always hoped that Dynamite was on. DD
7. VOLCANO CHOIR (Island, IS - Live in Tokyo) For a guy who demands a lot of structure in song, I am totally carried away by the mashup ofJustin Vernon’s voice and COCO Bees playing. The record came out in 2009 and was wonderful, but when I saw the video of the show at O-Nest I had one of those moments where making music seems so important that anything else one does in life is either unimportant or should be put to music. Just an incredible collection of musicians, can’t say it enough. DVB
8. BUILT TO SPILL (Things Fall Apart) As a long-time Built to Spill fan, this record was really refreshing. After their last couple of releases, I was beginning to think they’d lost something. It turns out they haven’t. I found myself missing those eerie jams from Perfect from Now On and this track filled that void. It never gets crazy or overdriven, but it just has an incredible vibe that sucks me in for the whole six minutes. JDK
9. JUNIP (In Every Direction) I absolutely love Jose Gonzales’ voice and think the way that they pull off this “acoustic with fuzz” sound is amazing. This leadoff track just grabs you right away and sets the tone for the whole record. It’s close to sonic perfection in my ears. JDK
9. JONSI (Grow Till Tall) Now, there are far better songs off Go than this one, but none of them match what Jonsi accomplished with this song live. Every time I hear it I am reminded of that crazily amazing stage set and video production that went along with the ups and downs of the song and specifically the buildup to the bombastic end. Just think of how you feel when fall turns to winter while the wind picks up and the world gets dark and things start crashing in around you. DD

Maritime Ticket Giveaway

Chicago-based Maritime fans get a special treat today—the chance to win two tickets to the April 22nd show at the Empty Bottle. Respond at the bottom of this blog post or tweet @Rdio with your favorite Maritime album + the hashtag #MaritimeFavorite. Do this between now and 1:00 PM PST on Monday, April 11th, we’ll pick a random winner. Read the Official Rules for more information.

What’s your favorite Maritime album?

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