Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Quick Queuing, a Beginner ’s Guide

It’s been an exciting few weeks here in the Rdio office, so for this week’s Tips and Tricks we’re keeping things short and sweet.

Whether you’ve got five things in your Queue or a hundred, getting your next listen ready to play just got a whole lot easier with our brand new “Move to top of Queue” button.

Simply click theicon to move that album, playlist, song or Rdio Station straight to the top. You can do this from your Dashboard’s Queue tab, or directly within the flyover view.

And here’s one of our Secret Hidden Features: holding Command (on Mac) or Control (on PC) when you click a play button will play the new track or album, but also add whatever was just playing to the top spot in your Queue, where it will resume once the new tunes finish.

While you’re adding and organizing, don’t forget to look for the “In Queue” badge on the Action Menu, it’ll help keep your Queue under control.

Need a crash course in Queuing? Read all about it right here. And if you’ve still got questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

∞  March 3, 2011 — 12:00AM