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Tips & Tricks: A Quick Guide to Rdio Stations

We’re back with another edition of Rdio’s Tips & Tricks series. This week, Rdio Stations are up to bat — you might already recognize this little black “Play Rdio Station” box from your Heavy Rotation, Collection, or favorite Artist’s page, but, if you don’t, we’re here to fill you in.

Rdio Stations were designed for folks who like to ‘sit back and listen.’ To make this even easier, this post has three sections: Collection, Heavy Rotation, and Artist Rdio Stations.


Use an Rdio Station from your Collection (or anyone else’s) to play a mix of songs—just click the Play button to hear a shuffled mix of 25 tracks.

To customize your Rdio Station, use the down-arrow button to select the number of songs (25, 50, 75, 100) or, add them to your Queue.

(Super-secret tip: if you enable Repeat on your Web Player, the music will continually refresh. Don’t stop ‘til you get enough!)

Heavy Rotation:

Want to hear a sample of the great tunes your Network is listening to? Can’t get enough of your own top picks? If so, Heavy Rotation Rdio Stations are for you.

Again, just click to add (or customize), and get listening.

When you play the Heavy Rotation Rdio Station for “Everyone”, you’ll hear a mix of songs from Rdio’s current Top 20 albums.


With Artist Rdio Stations, we’ve added even more variety by adding the choice to turn Recommendations On or Off.

With Recommendations enabled, you’ll get a mix of songs from both your selected Artist, and similar Artists. If you leave them Off, you’ll only hear a shuffled mix of that Artist’s songs.

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