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Tips and Tricks: Sharing

This week’s Tips and Tricks feature is here to show you how to share your impeccable taste in music with people you like. With so many tunes at your fingertips and a vast network of listeners and tastemakers by your side, you’re bound to come across something that’s simply too good to keep to yourself.

Rdio makes it easy for you to share that great new find on Twitter, post it on Facebook, email it to your buddy, or even embed it on your blog or website. While you’re busy earning trendsetter-cred by showing off that awesome unknown band, Rdio will scrobble all your listens to

The first step to sharing is connecting your other accounts to Rdio.

Go to your Settings (don’t know how? Just mouse over your name in the upper right corner of the site and click Settings) and click External. From there you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and accounts.

Once you’ve got them connected, go to any artist, album, song, or playlist and click the little dropdown menu (see below). At the bottom of this menu you’ll see, “Share this album.” On artists pages, Sharing is in the right sidebar, above the artist’s description.

And voila! All your sharing options are in one location.

Link to it: Copy and paste the short link anywhere you’d like to share it.

Embed it: You can use the Embed code to put a customizable embedded music player on your blog or website.

Share on: Post your music on Facebook by clicking the Facebook button—you’ll be able to add a message that will appear with the album art on your wall. You can even post on a friend’s wall by typing their name (in the bottom of the Share menu) and selecting their Facebook profile.

Tweet the album by clicking Twitter. (Tip: Rdio will auto-generate “♫ Listening to” and a short link of your music to tweet for you. You can delete the message and customize the text if you’d like.)

Recommend this album to a friend: Want to email the album to one of your followers on Rdio? Type their name and choose their Rdio profile from the menu. Select “Add a Message” to send a note along with the recommendation.

Extra bonus: Once your external accounts are connected to Rdio, you’ll also have the option to let everyone know about the fantastically clever review you’re writing. Select Post to Facebook and/or Post to Twitter then click Post to broadcast your brilliance.

And thus concludes this installment of Tips and Tricks. We hope this information will change your life as you know it. Or at least we hope you’ve learned another fun way to connect with your network of music-loving friends.

If you’ve got any questions, comments or suggestions, do let us know.