Introducing: Your New Rdio Collection

You’ve spent hours, or even days, building your Rdio Collection. That is precisely the reason we’re giving you more ways sort and find the music you like so much. In the mood for a particular artist? Want to see, at a glance, which artist you listen to the most? How about which album you added to your Collection first? Find all that information in your new Collection page.

Here are some other things you can do with your new Collection:

  • Move between your Artists, Albums or Songs and sort by Most Played, Recently Added and more.
  • View or hide the bubble visualization.
  • Access easy album information with an info pop-up.
  • Glance at Artists and see which of their Songs and Albums are in your Collection.
  • Instantly sort, search and filter your Collection.

Pair your new Collection with your Collection’s Rdio Station and enjoy this zippier way to view, modify, search, sort and play your unique music collection.