Announcing: Rdio for iPhone 1.0

Step aside old app, here comes the brand-new, re-imagined Rdio for iPhone 1.0. It’s got a new layout, does more of what you want and boy, is it pretty. Not only does the new Springboard home screen have 9 handy navigational icons—Collection, Playlists, Web Queue, Heavy Rotation, Activity, History, New Releases, Top Charts and Recommended—it’s also customizable and includes an easy-access Search area.

Additional Features

  • Search for Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists, and People from the home screen
  • Browse the profiles of people in your network and see their Heavy Rotation, Web Queue, Listening History, who they follow, who follows them, Playlists and their Collection
  • Check your network’s Heavy Rotation and Recent Activity
  • Keep tabs on each week’s New Releases and the Top Charts for Albums, Songs and Playlists
  • Filter your Collection and Playlists by their synced music
  • Get recommended albums, just for you, and view your History and Web Queue
  • Look at what’s Now Playing in the bottom bar and expand it to skip tracks, shuffle, or view your list of queued songs
  • Modify your Settings from the home screen, including the Advanced setting that controls when your phone Syncs

With all this new stuff, what hasn’t changed in the Rdio for iPhone app? You can still sync music for offline listening, access millions of songs, listen to Artist Rdio Stations and enjoy all the previous Rdio for iPhone features.

Check the iTunes App Store to get this new update now.