Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: A Queue Keyboard Shortcut

There’s never a dull moment here in the Rdio office. Since our launch in August 2010, we’ve been working full-time on a slew of exciting projects, including expanding our catalog, streamlining our fleet of mobile apps, and continuing to update and improve the site.

We wanted a way to keep our ever-growing community of music lovers in-the-know about the latest new features, so today marks the launch of Rdio’s Tips & Tricks series.

Every few weeks we’ll highlight a feature—it might be brand new, it might be top secret, or it might be just plain cool.

This first trick we’re spotlighting is the latest addition to Rdio’s keyboard shortcuts — Command (on Mac) or Control (on PC) + U will instantly show your Queue.

Designed for easy access and managing your queue, this “flyover” shows you what’s playing now, and what’s coming up. Drag and drop any item to change the order, or hit the “x” to remove it completely. This is also a fantastic way to manage your Rdio Stations—the flyover gives you the power to adjust the number of songs, mix in artists, or totally veto any recommended tracks. Just hit Command (or Control for PC) + U another time to hide the flyover, and sit back and enjoy your finely crafted Queue.