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This Week's New Music

With a decidedly more lo-fi bend than last year’s New Music Tuesdays, this week’s music is a great soundtrack for an energized and forward-looking new year. The Decemberists, the Smith Westerns, and the Eulogies all have new albums available, and you’ll get a preview of albums-to-come with singles from the new Kanye West and Jay-Z collaboration, the sweet Submarines, and Asobi Seksu.

Playlist Notes

  • Eulogies, Tear the Fences Down: The first and second time were a charm—will the third be as well? Here is another album from L.A. band Eulogies, with hooks and good-times aplenty.

  • The Decemberists, The King is Dead: Colin Meloy and his merry band of music makers strike again, this time with the help of legend Gillian Welch. Come for the instrumentation, stay for the enjoyable songwriting.

  • Mogwai, Rano Pano b/w Hasenheide: This Mogwai release features a single from their upcoming album as well as a B-side for old times sake.

  • Smith Westerns, Dye it Blonde: The Chicago band Smith Westerns have grown up a lot since their self-titled debut album. This sophomore album is full of the same fuzziness but with defined song writing that is a pure pleasure for rocking-out.

  • Kanye West, Jay-Z, H.A.M.: It turns out that the many rumors of ‘Ye and Z holing up together in the studio to create music aren’t falsehoods. Here’s the first song they’ve released off their upcoming new album.

  • WIN WIN, RELEASERPM: When a former Spank Rock producer and collaborator come together and throw the vocals of a Gang Gang Dance singer into the mix, you get a high-brow party song ready for the circuit.