Rdio & The GRAMMY Awards

There’s another reason we’re so excited about last month’s GRAMMY nominations—Rdio is powering the music behind the GRAMMY’s MusicMapper app.

What does it do? MusicMapper lets you combine your stories with places significant to you, and the music that goes with them. Besides tagging songs and memories, you can also browse other peoples’ stories. Listen to song clips inside the app, or if you’re an Rdio subscriber, head to to hear the whole thing. And make your music discovery hyper-local with the help of FourSquare-powered locations.

To see other peoples’ songs and stories (or to tag your own), download the MusicMapper app for Android or iPhone, or visit from your computer.

So get out there and make some musical memories. Stay tuned for more on The 53rd Annual GRAMMY® Awards, headed to you February 13th.