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New on Rdio: Merge Records

The amount of new music you’ll see on Rdio as a result of our recent, exciting Merlin licensing announcement is overwhelming. To make it easier to find your new and old favorites, we’ll be highlighting some of the Labels whose music is now available in Rdio’s catalog.

The first we’re featuring is Merge Records, home to our most requested album of 2010. Besides Arcade Fire, they are host to many important 90’s bands, like Superchunk, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dinosaur Jr. and The Magnetic Fields, as well as more recent beloved artists like Spoon, Caribou, and She & Him.

Classic Merge Artists

More Recent Merge Artists

Do you want to explore the next wave of Merge? Check out these albums they call their Merge Freshmen:

For a complete list of artists that have been or are on Merge Records, check the all-knowing Wikipedia. Finally, if you really love Merge, make sure to check out their blog or get up-to-the-minute news by following them on Twitter, @MergeRecords.